Let's meet!

Online meeting

Welcome to our virtual meeting room.

Meeting in our online meeting room is like really sitting together!
We can share our screens to show things as if we were sitting across from you.

No appointment yet?

urgent meeting? Call 014 / 85 48 61

What do you need?

Best on a laptop or computer with webcam and microphone

Ensure as little ambient noise as possible

Best to use Chrome if you have that installed

Get started!

Click on the link below

Enter your name and click “Continue”

Click “Request permissions” to give access to your camera and microphone and confirm when your computer asks for it (allow or permit)

Click “Knock” and we’ll let you in asap!

Buttons at the bottom during the meeting:

  • Cam: switch your webcam on and off (red is off)
  • Mic: switch your microphone on and off (red is off)
  • Share: you can also possibly show your screen to us
  • Chat: sending text messages to all participants
  • People: view participants’ details
  • Leave: leave the meeting

Let's meet!

Volg de stappen om een afspraak vast te leggen.

Je krijgt een mail ter bevestiging met de mogelijkheid de afspraak te verzetten of te annuleren.


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